walking slowly in the long path

Created: 09/29/12
Last Edited: 11/14/12
walking slowly in the long path
  • I ‘m hesitated
  • so tired
  • I really have a fully dream
  • while, the reality is not what I want
  • the snow and ice are full with the road
  • or very hard for me
  • sometimes my wish is so far from here and Ieven can’t see it clearly
  • sometimes only go forward and find that theroad leads nowhere
  • also sometimes no clearroad for me to go
  • no exact clue for me tofollow up
  • stopping
  • they are fast and I can’t even catch with them
  • they just want to reach tothe destination
  • while only me, is addictedto my journey
  • maybe I can enjoy this wayin my life.
  • and I will reach to my destination finally
  • the destination is alwaysso far from me
  • The road is also hard forme
  • while no matter what happened
  • only if I have my dream inmy heart
  • I need the courage to get startedby myself
  • just concentrated
  • just wanna see the mydestination
  • how it should be

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