Digital illustrations, Landscapes & beachscapes

  • Aberdaron beach, North Wales, August 2009
  • I am exploring the link between traditional painting and self expression using digital art.
    The exaggerated pixels play an important part, breaking the subject down into basic form. Creating a style of Digital Cubism and Pointillism making the composition an essential part of the work. I was once told Art is an indulgence in self expression, and that is very true here - the landscapes and beachscapes are a visual diary created during a summer where I captured what I saw and the digital paintings shown reflect that time in my life.
    Influences: J.M.W.Turner, Valette, Lowry, Mondrian, Picasso, Rothko, Hockney.
    Art Movements: Impressionism, De Stijl, Futurism, Cubism, Modernism.
    Also British painter David Hockneys book: "Secret Knowledge" Has played an import part in my work as well as his recent digital work accepting it as a new medium for creating art in the form of digital paintings.
  • Aberdaron Village Houses, North Wales, August 2009