This is my piece for the SEND Help Project which was exhibited March 28th. I was invited and asked along with other artist participating  to interpret the phrase "Send Help" in any medium we chose. The project was started and organized by a few friends of mine and was hosted at Creative Labs in Dumbo Brooklyn.

    Check out their blog to find out more about the project as well as the other artist involved and the people behind it.


    When they told me about the project, This is the first image that popped into my head. I guest you could say it is a spiritual successor to my sakura spaceman illustration. At first the piece started off being very light on color, But as I went along I started to really push the brightness of the colors. The little egg shape thing in my head is a droid and represents his last message in a bottle. Though some people said it reminded them of a grenade.


    The File size for this was absolutely massive, My comp broke a sweat opening and saving this project, every time I closed the project I swear I could hear it sigh in relief. Also the colors in the canvas print version are actually sightly different then the ones posted here. It is a lot softer and more purple then blue. Both work for me. The photo doesn't do the Print Justice.