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Created: 02/08/10
Last Edited: 09/10/14
Pelá - Brazilian Music Festival is a graduation project made for the University of Buenos Aires. Both the event and venue were fictitious.

Pelá is a festival that includes musical shows, seminars and conferences. All of them about Brazil and it’s culture. The naming came from the spanish verb for “peel” (pelá) which also means “to take out”, so I came up with the main concept of taking your clothes off and feel like a brazilian on carnival.
The banana icon came along when I tried to find a representative object that matches Brazil, Carnival, the peeling action and tropical elements. It was used as the main key-art element responsable for the variations in the identity system.
The typography was hand-made combined with helvetica, to give dynamism and informality.

Featured in:
-Pantone Canvas Gallery
-On Spot - International Event Design

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  • Pelá el brasilero que hay en vos - Brazilian Festival
    Brochure & Billboard & Merchandising & TV Teaser
    Graphic Design - FADU - UBA - 2009
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