Noma Authentic

Created: 03/18/13
Last Edited: 07/03/13
The concept for Noma Authentic is a side project from the world famous restaurant Noma. The concept is to create a culinary grand tour, for people who wants to learn more about commodity, hunting and fishing. The events will take place 4 times every season, in Scandinavia. Noma will pick out places in Scandinavia, which has great commodities for each season, and find hunters and fishermen that knows the area to help the traveling participants. This is not only a travel, one of the chefs from Noma will travel along to learn the participants about the areas commodities, and how to use them. He/she will also cook for the participants along the journey, so they will get a taste of Noma's great knowlegde in food culture.

When the participants arrive home from their journey, it will be possible for them to download an app, that can learn them about commodities, they can find in their own area, and they can also see participants from earlier trips ”commodity marks”, so they can start to be more self-sufficient. It will also be possible to make a recipes for a dish that uses the specific commodity that is marked in the app users area.

This is a school project and the whole concept is fiction. We have no copyright for the used images, and they only appear in this presentation.

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Tim Cheneval

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