• HANDS is a project developed in 2013 by Octavi Serra and Mateu Targa in collaboration with Daniel Llugany and Pau Garcia. All of them works in the field of visual arts and loves the way actual and past politicians are doing their job. 
  • Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, 2012. The highest unemployment rate ever reached in history and together with Greece, the most affected countries in the sacred European Union. Corruption cases arising everywhere (also within the Govenrment). Privatization of public health, education, banking.

    This is the context where we live, it has been imposed and it hinders us to live life as we had known. Nevertheless, it is also what allows and pushes us to creation, to demonstrate our inconformity and to show the situation as we see it. A heavy blow against this reality, a way to react and to make a poetic act by denunciation.

    Hands is the result of all this. A December day, we decided to act, bombarding the city with hands in key areas: from Passeig de Gràcia –middle class shopping area – up to Raval caracterized by its high percentage of immigration, poverty and delinquency – thus creating an itinerary reflecting the Spanish society.

    These are our small punches. Small but immediate, direct, unprotected in the public space. We are aware of the situation –the crisis- too complex to be changed by anything we might do, but at least it is our contribution to make it happen. By determining the gestures, the positioning, the surprise produced in the public space we have been able to communicate our message to a larger number of people.

    The project is a demonstration, one of many in the country at present. The hands themselves become the message but at the same time also a citizen. 

    Hands is part of the message that many of us announce. Carried out in Barcelona by Octavi Serra and Mateu Targa with the collaboration of Pau García and Daniel Lugany.