Custom BOXY

Created: 11/04/08
Last Edited: 11/27/12
  • Custom Papertoy BOXY
    I've customized Shin Tanakas great Papertoy BOXY some days ago.
    Was a hell of fun!
    Hope you will like the scary dude, which is wearing my designed TEE ā€œThrillin Bearā€ and a belt buckle, which was made for YellowHummer. So, as you know, Iā€™m a fan of details, this dude also had a small accident with some dog muck ā€¦ hum, typically for Berlin ^^
    Thanks and chEErs, Mike

    all photos are made by the wonderful photographer and my girlfriend Natascha Zivadinovic!
    Go and check her profile to find some amazing shots of amazing people!

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