Clube de Padel


    Clube de Padel is the first club devoted exclusively to Padel in Portugal. Located in Lisbon, in the privileged riverside area in Alcantara, is a Club where you can learn how to play or simply play with friends, partners, business coleagues, family etc. It's a meeting point like sports clubs are.

    Pacifica created the entire brand reflecting the shape and the colors of the fields wich is the most visible aspect on the space and allows to reinforce the social and leisure environment. The brand is based on the structure and shape of the fields in order to transmit the precision (by using guidelines) and the colors to transmit the joy of the game. As part of the applications Pacifica developed a specific typography to reinforce the uniqueness of the club and all the signage icons that orients the visitors. The visual universe is very consistente and playfull at the same time. The brand emerges as a playground on a top view and its applications stand to be far more dynamic than the logo showing a non static–identity wich is pretty expressive on the website, flyers, vouchers, flags and clothes.
  • Concept animation and visual identity
    of the padel club
  • Stationary and graphic communication developed
  • Typography and iconography original developed
    based on a modular grid
    Thx to
    João Plantier
    Yılmaz Şen
    Majo Balko
    Cristobal Sánchez
    Giovanni Pamio
    Typography VanCondensed
    Ricardo Santos: