Build a Model Siege

Created: 01/18/13
Last Edited: 03/09/13
Build a Roman siege works in card! This kit allows you to construct a siege tower with battering ram and boarding bridge, catapults, legionary and auxiliary troops and officers, plus additional siege equipment necessary for a successful siege of a fortress or walled town. It also tells you about the history of the Roman siege of Jerusalem.
  • Build a cardboard model of a Roman siege
    The aim of this project is to teach children some history with a fun activity which will stimulate more creativity and enquiry. In the case of younger children, it will be an activity involving parents. The subject need not be a military one - this kit could just as easily be ‘Build a Tudor Banquet’ (featuring a hall with servants, guests, food, entertainment etc.) or ‘Build a Row of Victorian Shops’ (with a row of buildings selling an array of goods, with shopkeepers and customers). The kit comprises: one history page, two kit pages and some simple instructions (not shown here). The models are designed to be simple to construct.
  • Roman Siege Warfare / £15.00

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