Akili Ni Nywele - Poster Series

Created: 03/11/13
Last Edited: 06/27/13
A literal but whimsical take on a popular Swahili saying: Akili ni Nywele (Kila mtu ana zake) [Intelligence is [like] hair, every person has his/her own."]
  • "Akili ni nywele (kila mtu ana zake)" is a swahili proverb that translates to "Intelligence is [like] hair, every person has his/her own."

    It is used to potray as sense of uniqueness in an individuals intelligence, opinion and/or creativity
    I took it to heart while coming up with abstract forms of people's "Physical intelligence" .Literally "Inteligence as hair!" Had fun with this particular project!

    They also serve as my first poster series for sale as digital prints. 
  • If you like it, consider downloading them as wallpapers and A2 size prints! 

     Download links:
        http://bit.ly/AkiliNyweleWllppr  (HiRes Wallpaper)
        http://bit.ly/AkiliNywelePoster (HiresPosters for Print)
        http://bit.ly/AkiliNyweleSilver (HiresWallpaper on Black)

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    Shared under Creative Commons 3.0 : http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Lively Sixty-Four
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Willing Willow
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Perfectionistica Toothpicka
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Sarcastic Serendipity 
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Awkward…
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Proud Insignificance
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Timid Two-Finger
  • Akili Ni Nywele: Messy Camouflage
  • I got some requests to do a few with a black background; Enjoy!
    Download link at the top.

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