• Location: Warsaw, Poland
    Status: in progress
  • Holidays are ahead, but work is in full swing! 
    Keeping up with an incredible journey through a Warsaw's aesthetic and stylish apartment, which we had a pleasure to design.
    Starting our journey with, perhaps, the most important space in every apartment - a daytime zone, a place to spend the most time of every day, a place where all the residents or family members meet. That's why it definitely has to be comfortable, spacious and well thought out to ensure the comfortable life and satisfaction of all residents.
  • As a part of the day zone, there's a centrally-embedded kitchen space - a kitchen island,  with built-in kitchen appliances in the wall. Right above the kitchen island there is a tasteful lamp, which draws our attention and complements the marble-style strong desert strokes which add some character to the whole apartment.
    On one side next to the kitchen space there is a dining room with a large and comfortable table. On the other side there is a classic living room with a comfortable sofa and a coffee table to keep calm, dream and relax.  The room has some strong addings, by the way - a trendy armchair of an eye-catching color and a beautiful fireplace, perfectly integrated into the wall.
  • The whole design is an absolute dominance of light, beige and sand color shades. A very calming and subdued color palette, complemented by bright floors and many glass accessories.

    Beauty and calmness. Soon we'll show you some more to be inspired!