Packaging and Exhibition System for Footwear

  • This work focuses on packaging and exhibition system for footwear with respecting all the requirements on products of this kind. Mobility, easy handling, ease of manufacturing and low cost, versatility in use and universality of both systems provides them with absolute functionality.
    During designing the project, impact on the environment was also taken in the account. This approach is also reflected in the choice of materials and minimal waste during processing.
    The first part of the project is the exhibition system consisting of three types of stands and bench. In the second part I present packaging (boxes for shoes), whose universality lies in both different types of material used in production and dimensional variability. Both systems are designed to be used independently but also together.

    Created by cutting the paper honeycomb panels in a manner which generates minimum waste of material and allows easy composition to the exhibition position, or packing it into a flat state within a few seconds.
  • stand for one shoe
  • standing wall side, stand is fixed with several of  wall hooks
  • standing in the free area, stands are fixed together by several of iron clips
  • two versions of stand for one shoe / scheme of cutting the board during production
  • stand for two shoes
  • Stands are also designed as a storage for boxes. Boxes are placed in the area under exhibited shoes.
  • schemes of the stand for two shoes / way of cutting the material during production
  • schemes of the stand for three shoes / way of cutting the material during production
  • bench
  • The same way of cutting and folding board is used for creating this bench, it is tested for more than 100 kg.
  • There are iron clips used for fixing boars together in different positions, no glue required.
  • scheme of the bench and cutting the board for its production
  • There is a lot of free space created with connecting smaller and bigger stand. This space can be used for placing posters, informational texts etc.
  • combination of components

    Boxes are made of one piece of cut and folded cardboard. Its completion requires no glue.
    Construction of the box is shaped to meet the strength and aesthetic requirements. Differently shaped top of the boxes refer to several collections of shoes packed in them.
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