Fourthwall – a brand made for makers.

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  • Fourthwall

    The most outstanding startup brand
    for content makers on the market.

  • Fourthwall is an internet platform for content makers allowing the sale of own-brand merchandise. The prime users are YouTubers, Twitch casters, bloggers, celebrities etc. The backer is Initialized Capital, a venture capital fund set up by a Y Combinator partner with a co-founder of Reddit.

    Like any startup, Fourthwall has had to rapidly distinguish itself from the competition to survive and thrive. Moreover, because of the specific audience, authentic communication is the key. We’ve devised a bold strategy and a distinctive identity to successfully position the brand.

  • 3 analytic tools, 11 research criteria, 127 variables

    Before we started thinking about visual identity, we analysed Fourthwall’s background, meticulously. We judged brand positioning, direct competitors (and their brand positioning), unique features, target group, market definition, brand promise, and reason-to-believe. Results showed that over 80% of competitive marketing activities and communications were overly similar.

    Based on this research, we created guidelines defining Fourthwall’s niche and how it should be communicated. We knew which identity would be the most influential, authentic, and distinctive... to truly set the brand apart.

  • We chose a casual style — friendly, natural, simple in design and reception. One that removes the wall between the audience and the brand. We show that Fourthwall opens to people, allowing freedom of expression and creation. Through transparent communication, we show that the brand is receptive to individual user styles.

  • With its ever-changing artwork, the logo is the essence of content making.

  • When using photos, the goal is to create a feeling of freedom, ease, happiness and wellbeing. We want to focus on personalities and uniqueness of characters, present them as genuine, natural, inviting and trustworthy.

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