• "SHOW US YOUR TYPE is a project about two main things: type and cities. They started this project to provide a creative platform for designers to share their talents and explore cities from a different perspective."
  • Okay, this is the perfect combo! Typography and cities. Even better when one of our favorite cities gets involved.

    We started to make a little search about London, looking forward to find some elements to create a nice and modern typography. So, we looked up for Big Ben, The London Eye, The Tower Bridge, etc... Until we found the great element below, the underground sign. 
    It's amazing and eye catching, the relationship between the colors and the shapes. Considering this, we started to transpose all the relationships and concepts that we were pulling out of them. The contrasts between the color and the grey background found in the city, the mix of cultures and perspectives, the different ways, etc.
    To conclude, we caught the soul of this city and placed it on this poster, giving all the importance to the typography but don't forgetting the background too.
  • 1. the inspiration
  • 2. typography elements
  • 3. the characters
  • Appreciations & comments are welcome!
    Thank you!!