One Fold

  • Onefold is a clothing brand in New York that sells recycled cashmere garments for kids. Their approach to fashion challenges the way we think about kid’s clothes and the socialization of gender norms among children. They strongly believe that fashion shouldn’t define a child’s identity or restrict their movement throughout the world. The brand strives to create thoughtful, well-constructed, and long-lasting garments, with timeless and unisex designs that grow with your child. 

    The graphic solution follows the principle of simplicity, using timeless typographies, clean editorials and neutral colors, conveying the idea that less can be more. The icon was designed combining the concept of Onefold’s cyclical philosophy with the concept of infinity, resulting in a modernist and minimalist ribbon icon that represents the reuse of natural materials, while thinking that each piece can be worn for multiple years and then passed on to the next generation.

    Onefold, challenging the way we think about clothes through great design.


    Art Direction: Futura
    Lookbook Photos: Stephen Blaise

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