Kinglake Distillery

  • Kinglake Distillery

    Bottling local stories and folklore from
    heartlands of Victoria, Australia.

  • Kinglake Distillery is a family-run distillery in Kinglake, Victoria, an area brimming with stories full of working-class spirit and touch of fantastical folklore. We worked with the Kinglake Distillery to tell that story.

    The no-nonsense communication was about removing pretentiousness and making every decision matter. The spirits are named after local heroes to tell their stories. The typography references the hand-made labour of running a farm: the punch holes in machinery, the nailing of a post, and welding metal. The colors embody the history of bushfire, the density of greens in the bush and history of the individuals who name the releases. Kinglake was a hotbed in the gold mining boom and the incorporation of gold foil through our applications is a note to that past. Our photography is created to represent a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the folk characters of the bush who drift around the property.

    Client: Kinglake Distillery
    Year: 2019
    Scope: Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Website Design
    Website Development: The Suburbs

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