Hula Sayula

  • Hula Sayula is a beach bar in the village of Sayulita, Mexico. For this brand we wanted to represent what life on the beach means to us: color, sun and the feeling of drying up after getting out of the water. It is the refraction of light, it is the melting ice cream, the sweet and sticky of the fruits, just everything that makes Sayulita a special place.

    The graphic solution is a reinterpretation of the tropical life in Sayulita. We used the visual effects that sunlight creates when reflecting on materials as a graphic resource; representing it with shine and a chewy effect. We also used typefaces that evoked the feeling of being under the sun, along with photographs in saturated tones that used the abstract textures of the effects of light.

    Hula Sayula, enjoying life on the beach.

    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Futura

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