Tessere olive oil

  • Illustration/  Vareyko Tamara
    Modeling/  Nikita Bulgakov
    Сlient/  If you like it you can buy it

  • Kalamon olive - the most famous Greek variety that has been recognised worldwide as one of the best naturally processed black olives.

  • Manzanilla olives, also known as the queen of green table olives originated from Spain. Even though people have given more attention to extracting their oil, they are one of the world’s most widely enjoyed foods. Including these variants of olive fruits into our diet offers many several health benefits.

  • The Koroneiki olive tree variety is considered one of the best in the world and has Hellenic origins. In Greece, it is also known as Koroni, Kritikia, Ladolia or Psylolia. The Koroneiki olive tree was originally cultivated in the semi-mountainous areas of the western Peloponnese but today we find Koroneiki olive trees also in Italy and in other countries of the world.

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