Й one magazine one project

  • Й magazine: Mauro De Donatis
    Architecture project: Elizaveta Ukhabina

    Й is the name of the magazine based on the study of a single project.
    The project has participated in international competition "Talent for Tiles"
    directed by Cooperativa Ceramiche d'Imola.

    Below you can read the briefing.

    “Talent for Tiles 2010” 
    is the title of the first edition of the international competition on the innovative uses of ceramics, as seen in an urban key.

    The interest of this edition will be directed towards those spaces that lie between buildings, between streets and buildings, on the neglected vertical spaces, on all those places that planning does not consider. It is precisely in the attention dedicated to the “non-places”, or in the absence of them, that one measures overall urban quality, the pleasure and the liveability of the cities.

    The new technologies for the production of ceramic material open new possibilities for the realisation of coverings and products for recognisable urban decoration. This competition aims at producing projects for the large vertical surfaces of the future cities, enlarging the range of action of ceramics, shifting it in other urban decoration uses (surfaces, urban elements, vertical walls), in contamination with other materials (plastic, glass, aluminium, etc.). Without obviously omitting all the aspects joined and connected to sustainability: in the case of projects of urban redevelopment, especially in the increase of filtering surfaces, and of the green area available pro capita, recycling and reuse of materials.
  • In the index there are four main sections: Inspirational, competition, location and project.
  • Inspirational section: The concept comes from the study of color blindness test taking shape from the circle element.
  • Inspirational section: The works of three designers helped to realize the idea of final project.
    Phil Bredahl, Joe Colombo and Verner Panton.
  • The competition "Talent for Tiles".
  • Location section: The place chosen for the project. Porta Maggiore square - Rome - Italy.
  • Project's position in the square.
  • Flow of the people, cars and trams.
  • Interior's study.
  • Sections, elevations and plan.
  • Study of materials.
  • 3D renders.
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