UTV Drive - New Mascot

  • Client Project : UTV Drive / UTV ( Belfast, Northern Ireland )
    Role: Graphic Designer
    Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

    Brief: While working for UTV Drive (Belfast, Northern Ireland ) an online car sales company whose main competitor (among many other online car sales sites) was Used Cars NI, I was tasked with the responsibility of taking their current logo (which was just a simple blue key) and transforming it into an recognisable and quirky symbol that would help UTV Dive stand out from its competitor(s) in order to attract new customers.

    Solution: The obvious choice was to turn the current key logo into a magical key (Mascot) called "Wheely" (associated with wheels on car) that had a magical ability to transform old cars into a buyers dream car.

    Goals: To create a character that would work well across various platforms, animated television adverts, online and offline promotional campaign materials and if successfully implemented, the mascot could be turned into a cuddly toy that could be sold online, in turn creating additional revenue for UTV Drive.