YMCA Hurricanes Futsal Club Liverpool - Logo

  • Client Project: YMCA Southport, Liverpool¬†- Hurricanes Futsal Club
    Role: Graphic Designer
    Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


    Brief: YMCA Southport, Liverpool, wanted to create a community Futsal team to encourage local kids away from anti-social behaviour. The YMCA Youth Scheme wanted to provide a style of five-a-side football that is used by teams such as Barcelona, Man City and the Brazilian National team to teach kids a more fluid and fun way of playing controlled attacking football. My mission was to create a logo and merchandise with a strong British theme that would present an image of power and pride which would help the YMCA Southport Futsal Club stand out from other local Futsal Teams in Liverpool.


    Goals: The aim was to create a brand identity that would appeal to this newer, younger audience, a brand that would remove any stigmas that surrounded the theatrical arts, to show it was a profession and an interest that was open to everyone and anyone.