Storefront redesign in Warsaw

  • Storefront redesign in Warsaw


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  • Craftsmen of Warsaw lead by example

    One of the oldest districts of Poland’s capital city has seen its fair share of hardship through the centuries. The narrow streets of Praga are walled with some of the oldest original residential structures in the city, many of them visibly decaying, adding to a somewhat gloomy atmosphere of the neighborhood. Despite that, the spirit of entrepreneurship remains strong with local residents. Long time shopkeepers with tons of unbelievable stories are increasingly joined by new, creative businesses, all of them aimed at serving their local community and helping Praga grow.

    Praga was also a prime example of a common problem in Polish cities - uncontrolled, excessive and often illegal advertising especially in and around storefronts. A combination of previously lacking regulations and business owners' urge to stand out often resulted in a chaotic landscape of city streets cluttered with banners, signs, posters and ads. Small businesses, which often don't have the resources to hire designers or consult with branding experts, are especially vulnerable to fall in this trap.

    The Municipal Architect’s office of Warsaw was in the process of implementing a long-awaited resolution aimed to clean up the streets and regulate advertising in public areas. As many citizens were wary of how restrictive the new rules would be and how their businesses would be affected, the Architect’s office wanted to set an inspiring example. We joined forces and picked 20 stores for the project, invited designers and got to work. As a result 20 new storefronts now adorn the streets of Praga, setting the right example and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.