Kourses.com - brand and identity project

  • Kourses - is an online course & membership platform designed to help course makers earn more.

    We had a pleasure to create a brand style, branding elements and supporting identity system, animation, landing page, 3d graphics. 

    smart by design worked in creating the brand mark, identity system, branding elements, 3D graphics, animation, and landing page. During the exploration stage, our goal was to find a shape that is modern, minimal and symbolises knowledge sharing. The key keywords for the design stage were simple, fresh and modern. We explored many design directions and selected the 3 in 1 idea that communicates:
     ⁃ growth and progress;
     ⁃ personal connection;
     ⁃ K letter.

    We are delighted to share the Kourses brand creation process, behind the scenes shots and final results.

    Our Role:
    Brand Development
    Branding Elements
    Brand Identity System
    3D Graphics
    Landing Page Design

  • Kourses is an online software platform that allows anyone to sell online training, courses, memberships and digital downloads. With high converting platform, built in video streaming and hosting members get all they need to start selling and deliver digital products.

    Through identity, we decided to communicate Kourses values — simple and modern knowledge sharing.

  • Branding studio - smart by design

    Aiste - brand direction
    Leo - art director