• Why we need an application for Postcrossing?
    After interview with users on, I concluded these 2 scenarios that usually happens in their Postcrossing process. When people want to send out the postcard, they need to take a note of the recievers' address phisically to the post office. When they are travelling and come to really nice gift shops to pick up some postcards to send to people around the world, they need computers and WiFi to get on the website to gain the information. These are both very inconvinient. That's why we need an application that can help people send the postcard easily wherever they are.
  • Demo Video
    Flowchart about how users use Postcrossing
    I interviewed users on and figured out the most important functions of this app is SEND, REQUEST and ENTER NUMBER rather than social networks on the website. 
  • Sitemap & Wireframe's Draft
    Then I started to draw the clean site map and wireframes. During this process, I asked users to test the wireframe to make sure they can use it easily.
    App Icon & Landing Page
    After finished the wireframe and its testing, I went into the visual design part and also tested users in this process.
  • Users can see the notification on the home page and also check the history message by click the history icon at  the upper right corner.
  • Press SEND, users will get an address and the number randomly.
    Accept the number and send the postcard with the number.
    After the users receive your postcards and confirm by entering the numbers, you will receive the quota to require the postcards. 
    Press REQUEST and accept that, then you can get one postcards from others.
    After you receive a postcard, you need input the number and confirm it.
  • Here is the social networks in Postcrossing. Users can take photos of their postcards to share with others.
  • Users can search the rankings, countries and photos in the gallery to gain more social network experience.
  • Users can add friends and send private message to them. There is also event page and forum page to help users gather together to have fun about postcards.
  • Thank You!