• Kanzan is a coffee shop in Saudi Arabia. The brand's concept is inspired by the location of the place, which is situated inside a castle on a hill called Knzan Mountain.

    The graphic proposal alludes to the rocky and rustic characteristics of the area, mixed with a touch of sophistication, while reminding us of the elegance of a castle. To achieve this feeling, mountain abstractions were made, with thin lines that were applied throughout the entire graphic system, along with an earthy color palette. Thus, the blue and gold tones were used to balance the rocky feel with elegance. A stylized typeface with contrasts was used for the logo, accompanied by an emblem inspired by the arches of the space where the cafeteria is located.

    Kanzan, a taste of the Arabian mountains.

    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Futura

    More info: press@byfutura.com