SORDO poster

  • La Caña Brothers
    Official poster for the film "Sordo" by Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas and La Caña Brothers, based on the comic with the same title by Rayco Pulido and David Muñoz. In Spanish cinemas in September 2019. 
  • 1944, a group of maquis is surprised while trying to perform an action of sabotage to the Army. Anselmo, one of the maquis, is wounded in the confrontation and flees to the mountains with the only company of his horse, silence and his struggle for survival. This is how this Spanish western begins, the first major production of La Caña Brothers.

    I was commissioned a total of 7 posters including the main one above these lines. These are the ones for the main characters.
  • And here some pictures from the release at Capitol in Madrid and Festival de Málaga and some line work of one of the posters.
  • WIP
    Process video. I did a series of promo posters for the upcoming release of the film here in Spain. This is from one of them.