Cosmetic Package

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    Cosmetic Package

    The project was a skincare bottle design for the premium skincare brand Belief, which develops cosmetics based on UK-derived herbs. We considered the Belief’s professional and luxurious appearance while inheriting the iconic DNA that used a metaphor of British ingredients to British gentlemen’s fedora.
    The concept emphasizes presence and vitality in fantastic and surreal images such as desert and outer space. We maintained the modern outline of the cylinder shape of existing Belief products but refined from inside. The shape expressed as doubled layers, which symbolizes fine material. The overall surface is frosted to emphasize the mysterious atmosphere.

    for  LG household & health care

  • Concept
  • Form Study
  • Floating
  • Desert
  • Universe
  • Planning | Product design
    Director Seomin Lee
    Product designer Jiyoon Kim | Dayeon Lim

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