Life Calendar: Love Life, Day by Day

  • Life Calendar: Love Life, Day by Day
  • Life Calendar: Love Life, Day by Day is a unique and intimate calendar that summarises graphically your life as a couple. A mini diary to complete with that special person that reflects how much time you have dedicated to each other in different aspects of your relationship. In theory, the more red the more love!
    Each day is represented with a clear heart that is meant to be completed according to your life as a couple. The heart is divided into 4 parts: activities, talking, pampering and sex. You can also add small notes that you want to remember.
    The calendar is valid for any year. There are 365 hearts in the calendar, one per day, numbered and ordered by month. You can start the first day of the year or in any special date, like for example an anniversary.
    Once finished, the calendar becomes a very personal keepsake that can decorate a special corner of your home.
    A Wap-oh! style item for yourself and/or perfect as a gift!
    Size: 16.5×11.7in / 42×29.7cm.  Paper: 400gr.

    Available in Wap-oh!:
  • Available in Wap-oh!: