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  • Introduction
    Right off, Michael O. described himself and what he looked for in the design for Sabor on the Bay. Michael has a passion for what he puts his mind to. He has also proven that he can produce big events that draw results across all avenues!
    Sabor on the Bay has been around since 2009. It is the largest ongoing boat cruise event in the USA. (1000 guests per event- 9 events since 2009) In short, it is a boat party overlooking the night skyline of San Diego, California.
    He described a design, which embraced the brand and event. Not just run-of-the-mill… “It is NOT a sleazy nightclub”. Some of the words he used: modern, vibrant, flavor, sleek, different and colorful.
    1. ¼ page flier 4/4: It must be functional towards the target audience.2. 11x17 flier 4/0.3. Facebook cover graphic.4. Static banners for online
    Sabor on the Bay potential clients are young and savvy. In general, they are 29–45 years in age. They are hard workers with a specific understanding and interest in the Latin and Hispanic market. They are looking to relax after a hard work week and this event is the place to do it. 

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