Digital Decade — OFFF Barcelona

  • I was one of the 30 selected people to participate in the Digital Decade competition organized by Design Collector. After send this work I became one of the 15 winners and had the chance to get my work exhibited on the OFFF Festival in Barcelona.
    Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector), Romain Colin (Fubiz), Rob Ford (FWA), Dmitry Karpov (BHSAD), Ola Omami, Sara Blake, Elena Flanagan-Eister (Depositphotos) and Hector Ayuso (OFFF)
    To celebrate 10th year online Designcollector Network came up with idea to share the pages of the upcoming print DCMAG n°03 with designers selected by jury. The best 3 works will get high prizes and 15 works will be exhibited at OFFF 2013 in Barcelona, June 6-8
    Sebastian Andaur  /  2013  /
  • At OFFF