Oaxaca Film Fest/ In Theater Promo Ad

  • Oaxaca Film Fest
    In-Theater Promo Ad

    This year we had the opportunity to develop the in-theater promo ad for this awesome film festival and, as herir name suggests, it will happen in one of the most beautiful cities in the world… Oaxaca! We were very thrilled to do this year promo because it’s their 10th anniversary! We approached in a more dynamic way for showing off the official selection, as we intervened video footage with giltchy transitions, graphic assets, some 3D sequences and the secret ingredient, hope you like it and we would love to see you in Oaxaca next October!

    Direction - MEMOMA Estudio
    Creativity - MEMOMA Estudio
    Art & Design - MEMOMA Estudio
    Animation - MEMOMA Estudio
    Client: Oaxaca Film Fest
    Post Audio - Audio Magno
    Music - Audio Magno