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  • Chrzanów [ˈxʂanuf] is a quiet town in southern Poland, located between Kraków and Katowice. Many of its young inhabitants more often decide to move to neighboring agglomerations in search of new perspectives. Over the past 15 years, nearly 3,000 young people have left Chrzanów. In response, the Chrzanów authorities decided to react and work on making the city’s image more attractive. We have been selected from over a dozen top branding agencies to prepare the city's communication concept and its full visual identity.

  • All city entities (e.g. Library, Museum, or Swimming Pool) and the departments of the Municipal Office use the same visual key.
    They differ in colors (depending on the subject area) and sign. Thanks to this, the creation of materials should be simpler, cheaper and, above all, the media will be easily to read for residents.

  • The visual identity of Chrzanów is flexible.

    It consists of two directions — the formal and the informal ones — combined to varying degrees depending on the needs and context. In the case of formal communication, we focused on functionality, so the visual language is subdued and the number of non-standard treatments is minimal. For informal communication, we decided to experiment with form and typography. In most of the materials, we tried to intertwine both directions, giving the Chrzanów brand a self-confident character, respecting the principles, and at the same time allowing ourselves to skillfully deviate from them.

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