Travel Montage

  • A collection of illustration and sketches capturing events, stories and 
    memories inspired from travel. Most of the sketches were made at the location which led to the creation of these illustration.

  • Men at work, at the quintessential ship building yard near south Goa, getting ready to conquer the sea

  • Exploring the beautiful panoramic views and vista points from the gazebo of Nandi Hills, a weekend get away near Bangalore.

  • Vantage Point - On the look out for new perspectives and inspiration by the river

  • A visit the annual street art fair (chitra sante) in Bangalore. I was pretty amazed by this family who were so engaged in choosing the right artwork for their home.

  • A snapshot from my weekend bus ride in Mangalore city, with the beautiful evening sun creating a interesting 
    play of light and contrast

  • Sketches made at the location and in the plane during my visit to Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu

  • An evening at the Art Museum in Bangalore, the artwork was from the sketches made at the location.

  • Mending the wheels -  A view from inside the bicycle works close to home. A shop that I visit whenever my bike requires some maintenance.

  • Early explorations for Culture Trip. A view of the surrounding the unique diversity, people and culture around the
     kapaleeswarar complex Mylapore, Chennai

  • Take Flight - Getting ready to take flight and experience the world from a different perspective on 
    the beaches of Goa.

  • Key Sketches
    Key sketches made at the location that led these illustration

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