Hubu® - Brand Identity

  • There is power in togetherness. In strong bonds formed between colleagues that become like family. In laughter and in vulnerability. In overcoming challenges as a team and realizing the potential of uniting each other’s strengths.

    This was our philosophy for this project, which was to create a complete visual identity from scratch (from naming to packaging) for Hubu, an organization based in Quebec City, Canada who builds innovative team-building experiences and card games. We set on the name Hubu as the starting point; a compound of ‘hub’ (the effective center of a network) and ‘ubuntu’ (a South African ideology meaning “I am because we are”).

    Our Team:

    Saul Osuna (graphic designer and art director).
    Samuel T. Scofy (project manager, creative director and editor).
    Samantha Ripley (copywriter).