Jeu du Mini-Bac / Kids Card Game

  • 'Jeu du Mini-Bac'
    A kids card game for Auzou
  • Another kids card game, this time for Auzou, a French publishing company. I was so excited when they asked me to illustrate this game for them! Jeu du Mini-Bac is a word guessing game, and the aim of the game is collecting as many cards as you can by guessing words that start with a certain letter and match with a certain category: “G is for Giraffe!” It’s for kids ages 5 and up and available in my shop NOW :) Oh and it's perfectly suitable for any language, not only for French people! 😉 There are instructions in both Dutch and English as well. Hope you guys like this game!

    - Marijke
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  • The 'Category' Cards
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