Buddy Buddy

  • Buddy Buddy is a nut butter brand located in Belgium. For this identity we were looking to transmit a youthful vibe, while being a bit playful.

    The concept behind the identity and range of packaging is a nod to the idea that the best company you can keep is being with yourself. This is reflected in the repetition of the Buddy Buddy character... not a set of twins but a man and his reflection.

    For the brand's identity we chose an eye-catching and friendly color palette with the use of neutral tones contrasting with pops of color, which are used throughout the graphic system to differentiate the different types of products. This was complemented with ocher tones and golden finishes to give a premium essence.

    Buddy Buddy, the best company you can have is being with yourself.

    Art Direction: Futura
    Photography: Futura

    More info: press@byfutura.com