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  • MIXIT Art Cosmetics — for bold and memorable images.
    MIXIT is one of the largest Russian brands in the field of makeup products. Today, more than 160 MIXIT retail stores are open, the company has the most successful commercial Instagram among Russian cosmetic brands with an audience of 3.8 million subscribers. MIXIT, known primarily for skin care products, decided to launch a new direction - a line of decorative cosmetics. Company collaborated with ARENAS®lab for research, positioning
    and the graphic concept of the new line.

    After analyzing the research results, the ARENAS®lab team formulated authentic MIXIT Art positioning. It was decided to create a dynamic brand, based on not a frozen image, but an active story:
    MIXIT provides everything you need to create daring, memorable looks;
    The brand casts doubt on established authorities, draws inspiration from the unusual, is not afraid to shock and joke;
    Cosmetics that need to be applied for hours —​​​​​​​ a relic of the past. MIXIT offers simple and quick solutions for effective makeup;

    ARENAS®lab developed a packaging design based on positioning bright, bold, as well as the target audience of MIXIT cosmetics.
  • Project team:
    Valeri Arenas – Creative Director, Partner
    Emil Iskhakov – Art Director, Partner
    Aisha Arenas – Operations Director, Partner
    Anastasiya Scheglova – Designer​​​​​​​
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