• Luxury apartment
    3ds Max 2016 | Corona Renderer | Photoshop CC 2018

    Area: 153,4 m²(All 360,5 m²) 
    Year: 2019
    Studio: SI Interior
    Location: Rivne, Ukraine

        My task in this project was not easy. Customers wanted everything to be expensive, shiny, luxurious, similar to the Art Deco style. It was difficult to work with them, because they had to take into account their wishes regarding the choice of furniture, tiles, which were not at all combined and were not trending. And it was way out of my comfort zone.
        I worked on the first floor, namely: living room, office for the husband, wardrobe for the whole family, bathroom, kitchen, and a large and spacious living room with elegant stairs to the second floor.
        The project used a lot of tiles by Roberto Cavalli, Minotti furniture, carpanes, and more. There were several completely different variants of the cabinet project and many variants with ceiling design.
        In the end, despite all the difficulties, the project turned out to be quite good, and I hope that there will be those who will appreciate it.