FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos 2017

  • FIS • Festival Internacional de Solos is an Internacional Solo Festival held in Póvoa de Varzim in mid/late November, every year since 2015, dedicated exclusively to solo performances, conceived within the different artistic fields or resulting from its crossover.

    The edition of 2017 was an important step for the festival: for the first time, music was part of the lineup, alongside circus, dance and theatre; and for the first time, the festival set foot outside the official venue Cine-Teatro Garrett, and went right next door where there was also room for solo performances in slightly less obvious places.

    For the third year in a row, we have developed the identity of FIS, continuing the path begun in 2015 and 2016. Looking back at the graphic legacy of the previous two editions, we decided to bring back the idea explored in 2015 of placing the performers at the center of the visual identity through a series of posters, and keep the concept created in 2016 of the circle as the basic visual element, combined with the contrasting black, white and yellow color palette.

    The idea of the series was materialized in a series of 9 posters, as well as 9 flyers, one for each performer participating in the festival. We were not able to photograph the performers exclusively for this project, so we did our best with the photographs provided by each of them. We were lucky enough to get good quality photos. So we just needed to unify them by making them grayscale high contrast photos that would mix with the black background. In each poster of this series, the photo of the performer is partially unveiled behind a grid of circles, as if it was a pattern of spotlights highlighting the interpreter.

    The circle – a simple and iconic representation of the body in space, of the solo performer, and the spotlight that follows the interpreter in stage – assumes an important role in this visual identity system, being used as module of the grids that structure and give shape to each of the graphic supports needed for FIS 2017 communication.

  • Year 2017
    Client FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos

    Made at Snack Studio
    Creative & Art Direction Adriana Leites and Nuno Leites
    Graphic Design Adriana Leites
    Motion Design Nuno Leites
    Event Photography
    Outdoors Photography [1st] and Nuno Leites [2nd and 3rd]

    All the performers' photos used in this project are property of their respective owners