DREZDEN Edelweiss music video

  • Happy to perform you a music video for a leader track from the second record of DREZDEN band. 

    The Edelweiss is a story about an eternal homecoming, zeal, hope and waiting, a possibility to transform suspense into creation. There's a cosmic gravitation between two Universes prisoned in human bodies and the Earth is a conductor.

  • Director: Carolina Poliakowa
    1st AD: Natalia Zinkevich 
    Camera: Yevgeni Sakhno
    Illustration: Yana Zenovich
    Animation: Pavel Lapkovski, Andrew Ostrovski, Denis Astah

  • The idea was to show that a returning man got his way though the woman's imagination. She is his constellation that shows him the way home.
  • Thank You For Watching!