CHAMELEON Fruit Vodka Branding


    Can you hear the ambient sounds and squeaks of lush and verdant woods? Can you smell the luscious aromas all around? It's the fruit vodka Chameleon evoking your senses to the flavors of the fruitful orchards and wild forests of Armenian lands. 

    The brand concept of the Armenian trademark of the double-distilled fruit vodka Chameleon was inbreathed by the diverse palates of fruits and berries of the fertile Armenian soil. 

    The mysterious lizard of the rain forests and jungles, with its variable skin coloration and patterns, became the core inspiration for the brand name and logo of Chameleon, presenting six unique and exquisite types of flavors. The special illustrations were created to strengthen the brand promise and bound all types of fruit vodka together.

    The brand story and communication were spiced up with the "diverse as nature" tagline, serving as an inspiration for all the artsy souls, who are captivated by new distinctive flavors and are ready to follow nature's call when trying out the fruit vodka Chameleon. 
    Client: Chameleon fruit vodka
    Art Direction: Narine Avanesyan
    Graphic Design, Illustrations: Narine Avanesyan
    Logotype: Lilit Avoyan
    Naming: Tigran Mooradian
    Copywriting: Lia Shahnazaryan
    Photography: Emin Baghajyan
    Photo Editing: Narine Avanesyan

  • ch
  • PLUM
    Mellow and smooth taste of dried plums.

  • ch
    Ripe and succulent taste of dried peach.

  • ch
  • PEAR
    Rich and long-lasting taste of wild pear.

  • ch
    Mellow and succulent taste of ripe apricot.

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    Chameleon is an indigenous reflection of nature. Changing its skin colors, it perfectly blends into its surroundings, no matter how floral, wooded, mountainous, or wild they are.

    Just like the mysterious creature, vodka Chameleon​ is an epitome of the exquisite flavors of Mother Earth. To convey the true spirit of nature, the vodka absorbs and preserves the integrity of each fruit it is made from. It embodies the essence of the fruit flavor and aroma by combining traditional techniques with unique fermentation and double distillation approach.

    The variety of finest fruits and berries from the dense forests and fertile orchards of Armenian lands is perfectly satisfying for sophisticated palates. The vibrant, rich and long-lasting aftertaste almost feels like biting a ripe fruit. 
    Taste your favorite fruit inside your glass of Chameleon and let nature pour in.

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