Feletti - L'uovo d'oro

  • We might be biased but we think there’s no better way to celebrate Easter season, than with this stunning collection of golden eggs, “Le Uova d’Oro”, we designed for Italian confectionery brand Feletti! We have been collaborating for some time, building a solid brand identity through a variety of packaging designs.
    The chocolate egg aisle, especially inside retail chains, is often crowded with childish motifs and cheap finishes: not the look we were going for. Instead, we did something completely different: we took inspiration from the famous Aesop’s tale everyone was taught as a child, The Hen that Laid Golden eggs.

    We created a beautiful and elegant gold design, enhanced by vibrant, primary colors. When you look closer, you will notice all the details that make this packaging special: from the illustrated gift (to remind you there is a surprise inside the egg!) to the playful hens featured in the story. We even composed a rhyme (sorry, just in Italian!), inspired by the famous Aesop’s short tale. Our story does not end in tragedy though: the hens, knowing the farmer’s intentions, cleverly sing to him: “What are you doing?! Stop looking between our feathers, you would only find regular eggs! If you are looking for a treasure, you should go looking for Feletti’s golden eggs!”.

    Gifting and sharing a chocolate eggs is a family tradition, a ritual, a magical moment of pure bliss.
    We wanted to create something unique, luxurious but not pretentious: like those beautiful gift that spark
    the same excitement you felt as a child.

  • Client: HDI Holding Dolciaria Italiana S.p.A.
    Art Direction: Federico Galvani
    Graphic Design & Lettering: Anna Rodighiero
    Illustration: Anna Rodighiero & Erica Zipoli
    Photography: Federico Galvani & Andrea Alice Bronzetti
    Photo Editing: Erica Zipoli & Andrea Alice Bronzetti