• Self Report

    MA project

    Visualizing structural character elements

    Our character is the combination of our unique mental and spiritual characteristics and behaviors.
    It is the way we think and the way we feel. It is an ensemble of characteristics that are formed due to some biological, genetic and hereditary as well as environmental factors, like conditions of living and growing up
    and interaction with others. They are formed too early in life and stay the same until we die.

    Nine people, relatives and friends, chose my structural character elements among a list they were given.
    The first eight, in descending order according to the frequency of appearance in the answers, were designed
    in a series of posters, one for each:

    Organizing - Persistent - Perfectionist - Trustworthy - Analytic - Headstrong - Competitive - Restrained

    The next three in line, let's call them behavior elements instead of character elements, were used as principles for the design, production and presentation of the project:

    Seeking recognition: The poster size is 70 x 100 cm, making the whole project impose upon any other when all the posters are spread.
    Tight with money: Although the posters are big and imposing, their production is totally low-budget, using black & white xerographic printing.
    Resourceful: The project consists of 9 parts, which can be wrapped up in two, while one of the papers,
    when folded, works as a bag for the others.