• Inspiration leads the way of any artist. If it's there, you feel it in the wake of the day, in the breath of autumn on your window, in the smile of a dreamy friend, reading a book.

    Books always bring us to the new place. As well as cars, buses, planes, ships. Diving in a new book is always a new adventure. There's no same book for two people, because one always reads from the depth of their own mind, and, if they're lucky, soul. The wandering soul is always ready for a new adventure. A new book. A new ship to take it further away from the initial place. To take them up and down, forth and forth, to the places unseen and unforgettable. When all your fears subside, a new reality opens itself from each new page, from every mile gone further from home.

    Share the emotions. Share the excitement. Share the pleasure of creation. Amadine was like a new book for me. A new discovery to bring my inspiration to life and complete the long expected illustration.

    Title: Bookship
    Software: Amadine (BeLight Software)
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