Poddit - branding for podcast platform

  • Poddit - is the innovative platform for podcast community which makes it easy to find the perfect guest for your next interview.

    We had a pleasure to work together with Poddit team in creating a new brand for podcasters. Poddit is a platform that unites podcast creators with expert guests and allows them to easily connect, coordinate and record. Finding interviewees that are a perfect fit for the show is difficult, therefore Poddit came up with a solution that eliminates frustration and opens up possibilities to create top quality content.

    smart by design created this new brand with a goal to be minimal and have a smart idea behind. We started with the rough idea, visual strategy, and quickly identified symbolism to communicate Poddit's brand promise. We realized creator's goal is to maintain their content "on the radar" hence we used "radar" as a symbol for connection and awareness, directing attention.

    As the brand began to take shape, the core elements of smart, dual-meaning icon and bright color palette informed the look and feel of the identity. From the beginning, smart by design goal was to create a strong brand who will bring meaning to connecting podcasting community with experts and we hope the logo will leave it’s mark in the ever-growing podcast community.

    We’re delighted to see the Poddit platform come to life and happy to share the process and outcome.

    Our Role:
    Logo Development
    Logo Animation
    Brand Identity

  • Branding studiosmart by design

    Aiste - brand direction
    Leo - art director