• Festivities, traditions and kids running riot. What's not to love...? Check out our latest animation Jingle Crumbs! Ho ho ho...
  • Seen from the perspective of a tray of biscuits on their journey from the oven to the sideboard, this is a faced paced, fun short that's both charming and chaotic. Thanks to Ground Bird for the sound design. 
  • Character development! 

    "We wanted the little brother to look mischievous; like he's often up to no good - without disconnecting him from the audience, like he's still on Santa's good list but has that twinkle in his eye. His performance needed to feel playful and at ease, as much as chaotic so the challenge was to strike the balance with his character and expression as part of the early design considerations. By giving him a disproportionately larger head and going with cute matching PJ's and little slippers. he felt just right.

    Big brother we wanted to have that all out festive spirit going on, relaxed but very much ready for the season. What better way than to stick him in a reindeer onesie! He's cool and confident, very much used to his siblings antics. 

    Then there's the sister; who doesn't need to do any unnecessary work to get the biscuit she wants! She knows how this will play out and is biding her time. More of a thinker/overseer than a do-er, she felt like some sort of Elf supervisor, so we dressed her as one! We gave her a pointed silhouette to make her stand-out against her brothers and her facial expressions are kept extremely neutral throughout the whole animation, for comedic effect. 

    Long proportions just add to the shape language and give that sense of silliness - which really, is what the time of year is all about, just having good clean fun with loved ones. 
  • Treatment and post production

    Our original vision was of a stylised world that felt like it had a quality of realism to it, so we added a specular pass in post which helped to add depth to the surface of the characters. Overall it gives a lovely tangible, almost real feeling to the animation. Subtle lighting and colour effects were applied too, just to really draw out the coziness. Keep an eye out for a making of video we'll be sharing soon too, which will give a break down of the post production process. You can also check out some further info over on our website. 
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