Taif Season Brand Identity

  • Taif Season is one of The Saudi Seasons which is aimed at transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into one of the most important tourist destinations in the world with major events and unique tourist experiences filled with joy throughout the year in most of the 
    cities and regions of the Kingdom.

  • TAIF Season Logo, Developed in Saudi Arabia

  • Branding Concept

    The main concept behind the identity is to show how authentic, diverse and accessible Taif is.
    Different elements from different famous attractions and parts of the city will be used to show the various parts of Al Taif.​​​​​​​
  • Color Palette

    The color palette is inspired by the different beautiful features and places of Taif, a vibrant, broad palette that made it easy to communicate Taif season to its visitors.

  • Icons & Illustrations

    Inspired by Taif's most important destinations, each icon and illustration represents a famous destination that makes Taif the beautiful city that it is.

  • Illustrations by Sherifa Hafez

  • Visual Identity / Posters & Visuals

  • Transportation

  • Map Design by Sherifa Hafez

  • Booklet Template

  • Motion Templates

  • Website Template​​​​​​​

  • www.saudiseasons.sa/en/Taif / instagram.com/taifseason
    twitter.com/taifseason / facebook.com/taifseason