Muno Campaign | "Autónomos cómo estáis"

  • The coolest survey about freelance life ever done in Spain. The report was transformed into a gorgeous album where data is presented as songs.
  • Design, illustrations and infographics: Relajaelcoco
    Animations: Rafa Galeano
    Coding: Luis Santos
    Survey texts: Stiga
    Contents: Muno
  • The Need
    Muno, a Spanish insurance startup, wanted to create a survey about freelancers. The aim was to reach as many professional workers as possible to develop a big picture about the types of problems they deal with and how they face these situations.
  • The Proposal
    We worked alongside their team to design one of the most interesting and catchy surveys ever produced. Through a 30-question system, freelancers could provide information about how they view their labor conditions.
  • The Solution
    We made three different visual pieces: an online interactive survey, the visual branding of the campaign with a motion graphic, and finally an infographic musical album. The golden album was the physical piece Muno delivered to journalists, politicians and influencers to talk about the survey results.
  • The Goal
    Muno depicted a clearer picture of freelance life and how freelancers perceive their daily professional struggles and victories.