Gütermann Threads. Extra Strong. Package Design.

  • Gütermann
    Packaging design for extra strong threads
    High-strength threads 100% polyester​​​​​​​

  • The paper packaging simulates the shape of an SUV in the bumper of which a thread spool is integrated. The spool of thread can be stored and used in packaging, just pull the tip of the thread and the spool will begin to rotate like an winch of an SUV.

  • On the back of the cardboard car there is a description of the product properties, color number, barcode and basic characteristics according to the type of use of these threads.

  • The color scheme of threads repeats the color of the car. The color identifier for the item is the color of the car body. Thus, it is easy to choose a particular color.

  • The packaging is easy to open, for this it is necessary to unfasten the valves with OPEN inscriptions on the back side and the design becomes collapsible. Inside the cardboard bumper there is a care instruction in the form of icons.

  • Layout packaging on a shelf
    The design allows you to put the package vertically, horizontally and hang it on the bracket.

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