ILLO WORKS | mid 2019

  • Client: Bocao
    Concept and Main art for Bocao Food Festival 2019
    'An ode to Food and Caribbean Taíno Culture
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Client: Toyota + Remezcla
    Art for "Hola México Film Festival 2019"
    'Toyota Corolla More Than > campaign'
    Los Angeles, California

  • Personal Illustration
    'Dreaming of Río'
    When in Rio, busses were everywhere, it was like a pattern of noise that could only be silenced by 
    a dive in deep waters filled with beautiful stingrays that flew around me like beautiful creatures in space.
    Río de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Personal Illustration
    'In Who's Hands?'
    We are the ones that decide in who's hands are we leaving our planet.
    Each end every one of us has a part in how we shape our future

  • Client: WIRED
    Editorial Illustration for an article called "END GAMES" about what remains after the colapse of a StartUp
    AD: Alyssa Walker | Writer: Arielle Pardes
    San Francisco, California

  • Collaboration with OZEANO Swimwear
    Textile Illustrations for a line of swimwear made with recycled plastic fabric
    'Beautiful Extinction' Theme about endangered species in the Caribbean
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Endangered species in this print:  
    Coccyzus ru Gularis (Cua bird) + Opuntia antillana Britton & Rose Cactus
  • Endangered species in this print:  
    Scaridae Parrot Fish + Cyprinodon nicholsi Fish  + Acropora Cervicornis Coral + Mycetophyllia ferox Coral